Uncut Gems review

Adam Sandler is back with a dramatic role, and it might be his best yet.

Uncut Gems is directed by the Safdie Brothers. It stars Adam Sandler as a New York jeweler who is always in some sort of trouble, looking for his next come up and next big score.

Uncut Gems is a fantastic, anxiety filled, high paced, crime drama that doesn’t let you breathe.

The Safdie brothers are special directors that are on the brink of superstardom. Their 2017 movie Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson was one of my favorites of the year and one of the best Indies of the year. I couldn’t wait to see what they did next. They have a certain style of directing that is infectious to watch. They bring you into the story, set up, and the characters, and don’t let you breathe until the end of the movie. Colors is another element that the brothers use greatly, whether it be bleak colors or neon colors.

The acting was really good. When Adam Sandler wants to act, he is great, especially in dramas. He plays a character named Howard who is really not a good guy. Life continues to beat him down because of his actions. He is liar, a cheater, and a manipulator but I still was rooting for him. Howard continues to make bad decisions which makes for great tension.

There is a lot of other good performances in the movie. There isn’t really a bad performance. The Safdie brothers tend to cast obscure choices. Who would have though Kevin Garnett would be so good playing a parody of himself? The Weeknd makes a quick cameo which totally works. Lakeith Stanfield is great like always but is underused. Julia Fox stands out as one of Sandler’s mistresses, especially for the fact this was her first movie. Idina Menzel is good as well.

Overall, Uncut Gems is really good movie and the Safdie brothers shine once again. Sandler gives his best performance since Punch Drunk Love and the movie is full of tension and never let’s go off the gas.



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