Humanizing Athletes: UFC Fighter Alexander Romanov’s Favorite Things

Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

UFC Fighter Alexander Romanov (13-0)

MMA fighters are savages. They are the best athletes on planet earth, however, they are also human and enjoy things just like you and me.

Alexander “King Kong” Romanov is an undefeated heavyweight that has a lot of hype. Deservedly so.

Romanov has 13 wins with 13 finishes; ten of those have ended in the first round. He has seven submission wins and four TKOS.

After going 11-0 on the regional scene, “King Kong” made his long-awaited UFC debut in 2020. His first fight took place at UFC Fight Night: Waterson vs. Hill against Roque Martinez on Sept. 12, 2020. He completely dominated Martinez, eventually finishing him in round two.

In his second UFC fight, Romanov fought Marcos Rogério de Lima at UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Teixeira. He choked de Lima unconscious with his forearm – a choke that he has pulled off three other times.

Romanov returns to action for the first time in 2021, against The Ultimate Fighter season 28 winner Juan Espino at UFC on ESPN: Whittaker vs. Gastelum. A win over Espino could possibly vault him into the top 15 heavyweight rankings.

Here is a list of UFC fighter Alexander Romanov’s favorite things.

  • Favorite food – Wheat porridge 
  • Favorite drink – Milk 
  • Favorite color – Green 
  • Favorite all-time fight to watch – Any Fedor Emelianenko fight
  • Favorite knock out – Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo
  • Favorite of your own fights – My fight against Sultan Murtazaliev
  • Favorite sport to watch other than MMA – Soccer 
  • Favorite submission to practice – Arm triangle 
  • Favorite athlete – Buvaisar Saytiev
  • Favorite movie – The Crow
  • Favorite TV show – The Voice 
  • Favorite song – Stop the time by [AMATORY]
  • Favorite band or musician – Aria
  • Favorite place to travel to – St. Petersburg 
  • Favorite video game – FIFA
  • Favorite animal – Dog
  • Favorite holiday- Easter
  • Favorite hobby – Fishing 
  • Favorite quote – John 3:16

You can follow UFC Fighter Alexander Romanov on Instagram.

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