Humanizing Athletes: MMA Fighter Taneisha Tennant’s Favorite Things

Picture courtesy of Invicta FC.

MMA Fighter Taneisha Tennant (3-0)

MMA fighters are savages. They are the best athletes on the planet earth, however, they are also human and enjoy things just like you and me.

Taneisha “Triple Threat” Tennant is a fighter to keep your eyes on. She will have the chance to fight for a UFC contract on Sept. 15, 2020.

Tennant went pro last year in 2019 and went 2-0. In her first pro fight she defeated Despina Karavas by TKO via body kick.

After two fights, Tennant competed for the premier women’s fight organization, Invicta FC.

“Triple Threat” won the third Invicta FC Phoenix tournament on March 6, 2020. She fought three times the night of the tournament – two one-rounders (considered exhibition fights) and then a three-rounder agaisnt Taylor Guardado.

Tennant returns to action Sept. 15, 2020. In the biggest fight of her career as she takes on Danyelle Wolf in a featherweight bout on week seven of “Dana White’s Contender Series” for the chance at a UFC contract.

When asked what we should expect from her fight Tennant said, “A finish.”

Here is a list of MMA fighter Taneisha Tennant’s favorite things.

  • Favorite food – Sweet Plantains
  • Favorite drink – Grape and apple juice
  • Favorite color – Purple
  • Favorite all-time fight to watch – Justin Gaethje vs Tony Ferguson
  • Favorite knockout – Head kick knockouts
  • Favorite of your own fights – My first pro fight against Despina Karavas
  • Favorite sport to watch other than MMA – Football
  • Favorite submission to practice – Guillotine choke
  • Favorite athlete – LeBron James
  • Favorite movie – Wing Chun, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone
  • Favorite TV show – My Hero Academia, DBZ, Naruto, and Bleach
  • Favorite song – Seven Whole Days by Toni Braxton
  • Favorite band or musician – Black Eyed Peas
  • Favorite place to travel to – Jamaica and Florida
  • Favorite video game- Assassin’s Creed: Origin and all of the Fable franchise games
  • Favorite animal – Cat
  • Favorite holiday- Christmas
  • Favorite hobby – Watching TV shows

You can follow MMA fighter Taneisha Tennant on Instagram.

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