Humanizing Athletes: UFC Fighter Chase Sherman’s Favorite Things

UFC Fighter Chase Sherman (15-6)

MMA fighters are savages. They are the best athletes on the planet earth, however, they are also human and enjoy things just like you and me.

Chase “The Vanilla Gorilla” Sherman is back in the UFC and made his presence known. Sherman kicked off UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Teixeira earlier this month. He fought Isaac Villanueva and via TKO in the second round in a beautiful performance.

Now that Sherman is back in the UFC, he looks more focused than ever. Before his release, Sherman always looked like he had the tools to be a threat in the heavyweight division. Refocused, “The Vanilla Gorilla” can make an immediate impact in the heavyweight division that always needs new contenders.

When asked when he wants to fight again and if there are any names, Sherman said, “I’ll fight again before the year is over and right now I don’t really have any names.”

Here is a list of UFC Fighter Chase Sherman’s favorite things:

  • Favorite food – Any Cajun or Southern food
  • Favorite drink – Barq’s root beer in a glass bottle
  • Favorite color – Blue
  • Favorite all-time fight – All three fights between Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward
  • Favorite knockout – Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey
  • Favorite sport to watch other than MMA – Football
  • Favorite submission to practice – “What’s a submission?”
  • Favorite movie – Happy Gilmore
  • Favorite TV show – Sons of Anarchy or Yellowstone
  • Favorite superhero – Hulk
  • Favorite song – Too many to choose
  • Favorite band or musician – Too many to choose
  • Favorite place to travel to – Anywhere to get food
  • Favorite animal – Gorilla
  • Favorite holiday – Mardi Gras!!
  • Favorite hobby – Hunting, Fishing, and Riding my Harley

You can follow UFC fighter Chase Sherman on Twitter and Instagram.

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