TFW NO GF documentary review

TFW NO GF Documentary Review

With the age of the internet in full swing, more and more documentaries about it will come out. Hopefully, they are better than “TFW NO GF”. 

Director Alex Lee Moyer explores meme culture on the internet and the origin of the infamous meme TFW NO GF. Well, that’s what I thought I was getting. In actuality, she follows four internet trolls that identify with the meme.

I don’t know if it was expectations or if I read the synopsis on IMDB wrong, but this documentary was interesting for the first 15 minutes and then falls flat.

Moyer introduces us to the meme TFW NO GF and explains the character ‘Wojak’. She then introduces us to the four young men that we follow throughout the two-hour documentary. The four men are internet trolls who embrace the memes and the loneliness of the internet. They also use that loneliness to hate women, a topic that is hit upon for most of the documentary.

There really isn’t anything positive to say about this documentary. All of the guys say the same thing just in different ways, and on top of that none of them are really likable, which might be the point. Moyer doesn’t break the surface of troll and meme culture. In all honesty, this could have been a 20-minute documentary short. This felt like a big swing and miss.

If the goal of the documentary was just to show that young men on the internet can get lonely too, then the goal was accomplished.

“TFW NO GF” can be seen on Amazon as part of the SXSW online film festival. It is available until May 6 for free.


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