Time Stamp Director Robert Butler III Interview


Robert Butler III is an up and coming director. He also runs a Youtube channel with Andres Cabrera, named First Cut.

Butler grew up in Compton, California all of his life. While in high school he was pursuing engineering, he then switched paths and follow his love of movies. He went to Cal State Northridge his freshman year and then transferred to USC. At USC, he directed many short films and it kept him going to pursue his dreams.

While at USC he started interning for prominent movie reviewers SchmoesKnow and got the nickname RB3.

Butler has many projects he works on. He has a Youtube channel , the Meaning Of Podcast, and his movie Time Stamp. He also edits and does camera work for SEN, Anthony Padilla, and the Movie Trivia SchmoeDown.

Here is a list of Robert Butler III’s favorite things:

  • Favorite food – Steak
  • Favorite drink – Orange Juice
  • Favorite color – Green
  • Favorite all-time movie – The Social Network, Blade Runner, Magnolia, Do The Right Thing
  • Favorite horror movie – Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, Babadook
  • Favorite comedy movie – Big Lewbowski
  • Favorite action movie – Matrix
  • Favorite black Movie – Baby Boy
  • Favorite documentary – Faherheight 9/11
  • Favorite Oscar-winning movie – Slumdog Millionaire Parasite
  • Favorite TV show – Breaking bad
  • Favorite podcast to listen to– Joe Budden Podcast
  • Favorite director – Spike Lee
  • Favorite actor – Denzel, leo, Daniel Dey
  • Favorite sport to watch – Basketball
  • Favorite athlete – Kobe
  • Favorite song – Hips don’t Lie
  • Favorite musician – Kendrick Lamar
  • Favorite place you traveled to travel to- Hawaii
  • Favorite holiday- Christmas

This movie or that movie

*Movies bolded are his choices.

  • Close encounters ET
  • Back to the future Ghostbusters
  • Indiana Jones Star Wars
  • Goodfellas Godfather
  • Friday the 13 Nightmare on Elm
  • Alien Terminator 2
  • Die Hard Rambo
  • Saving Private Ryan Blackhawk Down
  • Boyz n The Hood Menace II Society
  • Friday Don’t be a menace
  • Breakfast club Ferris Buller’s Day Off
  • Schinders list Shawshank redemption
  • Remember the Titans Coach Carter
  • Pulp fiction Reservoir Dogs
  • Clockwork orange The Shining
  • Forrest Gump Good Will Hunting
  • Usual Suspects Se7en
  • Matrix Bladerunner
  • Us Get Out
  • Happy Gilmore Billy Madison
  • Dallas Buyers Club Imitation Game
  • Jurassic park Jaws
  • Natural Born Killers True Romance
  • Taxi Driver No Country for Old Men
  • Clerks Mallrats
  • One Who Flew Cuckoo’s Nest misery
  • Point Break Fargo
  • American Beauty Beautiful mind
  • The Shining The Exorcist

You can follow Robert Butler III on Twitter @DirectorRB3.

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