Humanizing Athletes: UFC Fighter Eryk Anders’ Favorite Things

UFC fighter Eryk Anders (13-5)

MMA fighters are savages. They are the best athletes on the planet earth. They are also human and enjoy things just like you and me. 

There aren’t many successful two-sport athletes in MMA. UFC fighter Eryk “Ya Boi” Anders is an exception. He played college football at the highest level at the University of Alabama as a linebacker.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After winning a college national championship, he found MMA a few years later. The new fighter went undefeated as an amateur and then went 8-0 as a pro before the UFC signed him.

To think, he started fighting eight years ago, starting from scratch to where he is now. Anders is a problem for any opponent and he keeps getting better. The former Bama linebacker can outpoint his opponent, submit him, or he can flatline them like he usually does.

Anders most recently lost a unanimous decision to Krzysztof Jotko in May 2020. ‘Ya Boy’ returns to action at UFC Fight Night: Felder vs. dos Anjos against Antonio Arroyo, replacing Andreas Michailidis on short notice.

When asked what we should expect from his fight, Anders said, “Heavy hands.”

Here is a list of UFC fighter Eryk Anders’ favorite things.

  • Favorite food – Steak
  • Favorite drink – Fanta
  • Favorite color – Red
  • Favorite all-time fight – Undecided
  • Favorite sport to watch other than MMA – American Football
  • Favorite dream fight – “Whoever has the belt.”
  • Favorite athlete – Barry Sanders
  • Favorite movie – Braveheart
  • Favorite TV show – Dragon Ball Z
  • Favorite video game – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Favorite superhero – Goku
  • Favorite song – Smokin’ on purple by Lil’ Boosie.
  • Favorite band or musician – Tupac
  • Favorite place to travel to- Brazil
  • Favorite holiday – Anniversary
  • Favorite hobby – Wrestling with my kids

You can follow UFC Fighter Eryk Anders on Twitter and Instagram.

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