Weekend Wrap Up (Little Women, Richard Jewel, Honey Boy, Terminator Dark Fate, Aaron Hernandez Doc)

I watched five things this past weekend and here are some quick thoughts on them.

Little Women (2019)

This was the seventh adaptation of the classic 1868 novel of the same name.

The movie was really well made in every aspect. The acting was great and showed off some of the very best young actresses that will be around for a long time. Little Women was directed very good, shot well, and the costumes were awesome. With all of that being said, the movie wasn’t for me. I’m definitely not the target audience but whatever. I do agree it should be nominated for best picture, but I have a problem with everyone crying that Greta Gerwig got robbed. There isn’t a director that got nominated this year that could be replaced. I have been hearing a lot of people say Todd Phillips did not deserve to be nominated for The Joker, but he was the one who got the performance out of Joaquin Phoenix.


Honey Boy

Honey Boy is based on Shia LeBeouf’s childhood and his relationship with his father.

LeBeouf wrote the screenplay while he was in rehab and you can tell because the movie is raw. I’m sure it was very therapeutic for him because the movie was hard to watch at times. LeBeouf stars in the movie as well, playing with his dad. He is excellent and brings the raw emotion and trauma that he experienced. Honey Boy hit me on a deeper level because LeBeouf’s dad is a recovering alcoholic, and as a recovering drug addict I felt his pain and suffering. First time director, Alma Har’el, did a fantastic job bringing LeBeouf’s childhood to life.


Richard Jewel

The true story of Richard Jewel, being accused of planting a bomb.

Richard Jewel was a really good movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Clint Eastwood definitely had something to say by making this movie. Eastwood did a good job at showing how easily the media can crucify a person, whether they be a hero or the villain. As an aspiring journalist, it is always eye opening to see the power one can have to accuse someone with no facts. Paul Walter Hauser did a great job portraying Richard Jewel and got snubbed for a best actor nomination at this years Academy Awards. Hauser is excellent at playing a dork in other movies, so it was refreshing to see him shed that a little bit. Kathy Bates was good, but I don’t think it was Oscar worthy.


Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

No one does true crime mini docuseries better than Netflix, and they strike again. I feel so conflicted. The story of Aaron Hernandez is heartbreaking. But it is hard to feel bad because he is cold blooded murderer. At 27 years old, he had a brain of an 80-year-old. Yes, millions of athletes have played football and not kill someone, but he might be a special case. There are a lot of other factors as well. Abuse: physical and mental, trying to fit in, fear, drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd, and more. 2020 true crime started out strong! If you like true crime, WATCH THIS.

5/5 (watched on Netflix)

Terminator: Dark Fate


WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA TO KILL JOHN CONNER, SHOULD BE PUT ON TIMEOUT. The death of John Conner ruins Terminator 2: Judgement Day because the movie meant nothing.

The action was cool but other than that, the movie was whatever. The terminator franchise should be retired. No one can get it right and the movies just keep getting worse.






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