Snowfall season three review and thoughts

Snowfall on continues to shine in a heavy hitter year of television gems.

Snowfall is a great show. I feel like more people should be watching. Season one was a slow burn of sorts but delivered. Season two continued the rise of Franklin to king pin status, and season three saw the consequences of Franklin’s empire.

The plot of Snowfall is a look at the early days of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles during the beginning of the 1980s.

Franklin Saint is the main character who we follow. The first two seasons we watched him build his drug empire and, in season three his crack empire is thriving, but the consequences start to crack his life wide open. Pun intended.

Season three of Snowfall was excellent! There was tension and action from start to finish.

The performances in Snowfall are great, there is not one weak performance. Damson Idris who plays Franklin, shows off a masterclass of acting. His character is very layered. As a viewer, you can tell Franklin has a caring heart, but can flip a certain switch and become Frank Lucas from American Gangster with a snap of a finger. Idris acts with his eyes and sucks you right in.

Three minor characters that jumped up to the main cast or had big character developments in season three are the following:


  • Leon Simmons has been Franklin’s right hand man for the past two seasons and has more to do in season three. Leon goes from being Franklin’s lieutenant to his brute enforcer and lets everyone know that their status must be earned, or lives will be taken. I loved his growth and how threatening he can be if provoked. There are a couple of scenes that shows Leon is not playing around and is ready to kill.


  • Andre Wright goes from being just Franklin’s next-door neighbor and local police officer to a full-fledged enemy of Franklin vowing to take him down. Andre is the good guy in this situation, trying to protect his city and neighborhood from the crack epidemic. It just happens to be that most of us are rooting for Franklin to succeed. The cat and mouse game between Franklin and Andre all season was riveting television.


  • Melody “Mel” Wright is Andre’s daughter and Franklin’s off-again on-again girl. She goes from being a good girl that wants to go to college to a crack addict in just a one night. Her arc this season is heartbreaking but also shows the truth about crack.


Before I get into some of my favorite scenes of the season which have major spoilers, let me just say again Snowfall season three was fantastic and is worth the watch. The acting, set design, soundtrack, script, and pacing are great. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Snowfall, please watch it! It is truly great television. You can watch it on FX or FX on demand.




Some of my favorite arcs, episodes, plot devices, or scenes from season three are the following:

Let’s just start with one of the big ones I did not see coming. Franklin kills Andre! Boy oh boy, I didn’t think Franklin had this one in him, which is funny because Andre says that before he gets murdered. Throughout the season the tension between Frank and Andre was heavy. Andre tells him that he will take his business, his family, and him down. Andre goes to Franklin’s stash house and finds all of the evidence he needs to take him down. When Franklin finds out, he goes to confront Andre and at the end of the confrontation he shoots him in the head and makes it look like a suicide. CRAZY!

I guess it makes sense to follow that up with the consequences because of that murder. First, Mel is a full-fledged crack addict which was a insane twist. As she is mourning the death of her father, she notices a window open, which is how Franklin used to sneak into her room. Mel puts two and two together and realizes Franklin killed her father. She goes and tells Andre’s partner and he tells her that her dad really did kill himself. (Andre’s partner is actually working with Franklin) While at Andre’s memorial, Mel sees Franklin and goes to her house where she shoots him four times.

Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata makes his return to the series after leaving us to believe he died in season two. He is looking for Lucia who turns out not in season three at all. Teddy finds him and brings him back into his plan. Lorena, the undercover DEA agent, came back to try and take down the cartel and El Oso kills her. It was the first holy shit moment of the season. Teddy and El Oso take the body and get rid of it by dumping acid on it. This action (later in the season) causes Teddy’s estranged wife to try and blow up his operation, which in turn causes damage to Avi, Rigo and Franklin.

The season finale caused some chatter online. Some loved it and some hated it. I was in the middle to be honest, until I re-watched it. I would be lying to say the season finale wasn’t underwhelming. The first 30 minutes confused me. I didn’t know if it was all a dream or if it was the real backstory of Franklin. I watched the episode again and realized the Snowfall title card did not show up as it usually does. After the alternate reality about 30 minutes in, the title card shows up decayed, on fire, and breaking down. The show then moves to the present timeline and shows what is to come. Franklin tells Teddy to protect him and says he is no longer afraid of death. I am kind of frustrated that they don’t tell us what happened to Mel, but that means we have to tune in to season four.

I can’t wait for season four and hopefully John Singleton wherever he is in the universe, is looking down with a smile on his face knowing that his creation is flourishing. I will say it one last time Snowfall is a fantastic show and more people should be watching. It is a gangster-drug show that is worth the watch.

Do you watch the show? Did you like season three? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @stutterflyohmy.



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