13 Reasons Why season three rant

13 Reasons Why gives you zero reasons to come back to the final season.

The first season of 13 Reasons Why was a good season of television. There was a point to the story, and I thought it was well done. The show should have ended there. Season two felt overly forced and the latest season was over-the-top and boring. I started hate-watching season three after episode four. I honestly could have stopped but I felt compelled to at least finish so that I could talk about it.

Here are my biggest gripes about the show:

  • Ani was such an odd addition to the show. The creators just needed someone to replace Hannah Baker. Her narration of the season sucks. Within a week of joining the high school she is friends with everyone and knows everything. Why in the world would the group of friends instantly accept her into their circle? The show should have just named her exposition because that is all she is good for. Ani is also the greatest detective alive. No matter when or where, you can expect Ani to be around the corner listening.
  • Drug addiction, steroid abuse, ICE, school shootings and continued sexual abuse, oh my. The show keeps on trying to pull on the heart strings of the viewers by trying to be edgy. Those topics are all “secrets” that the kids are hiding. Ani needs to remind us that the characters have secrets every 20 minutes. WE GET IT!
  • The show tries very hard to redeem Bryce. His murder and his redemption was being shoved down our throat. Bryce is a TV character that cannot be redeemed, it literally is impossible.
  • Jessica tries to overcome her trauma and be in charge of her body. GOOD! Except for the fact that she breaks up with a guy who loves her, only to go back to the guy who let Bryce rape her. WHAT THE HELL? What sense does that make?
  • Clay Jenson is the most boring character ever. The choices he makes and the theories he creates are mind numbing in the worst way. On top of all of this, the show makes him stare with his mouth open at everything and everyone. It gets very old, very quick.
  • The acting in this show is so cringy. I thought the acting in season one was good but maybe I just ignored it because I was engaged in the story.
  • Season three uses flashbacks to tell the story yet again but uses different color schemes to differentiate the time period. The timeline gets confusing quick and leaves plot holes through out.
  • Season three is 13 episodes. The season is waaaaaay too long. The story could have been told in eight episodes easily.

Season three was long, boring and irritating. It really was a chore to watch. I only finished it so that I had the right to rant about it on my website. There is still a fourth and final season coming next year. Oh joy.

If you agree or disagree let me know.

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