Mindhunter season 2 quick review & thoughts

It had been 22-months since the first season of Mindhunter ended. On August 16, 2019, the wait for Mindhunter season two ended.

Season one of Mindhunter was my favorite show of 2017. It was brilliantly written, superbly acted, and shot perfectly. As a true-crime junkie and someone who is fascinated about serial killers, this show was right up my alley.

Season two was no different. There wasn’t a time jump, and the show started exactly where season one ended. The entire cast returned minus some of the serial killers from the season one.

I am absolutely astonished by the casting and makeup in Mindhunter, it is seriously on another level. The fact that they can literally bring real life serial killers to life is mesmerizing. In season two, Charles Manson and Son of Sam make appearances and the resemblance to the real-life murderers is eerie. The little things like the perfect casting is what makes this show great.

The acting in season two once again is tremendous. Holt McCallany as Bill Tench and Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford are great and their partnership is what makes the show, even though they aren’t together 24/7 like last season. Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper returns for a scene and is brilliant again.

The Atlanta child murders was a great setting for the second season. Race relations are still horrible in the United States, so the themes that Mindhunter hit on worked well. It also gave Holden time to use the criminal profiling he has learned and really get into what the show is all about.

I only had two gripes about the second season.

  • The show spent too much time on Wendy’s relationship, and it ended up going nowhere. Wendy was pretty much wasted.
  • Tench’s family drama was intriguing but overtime I got uninterested and did not care. I get it, the show runners wanted me to know that Bill’s son might be growing up to be a serial killer. I felt like this subplot would have worked better with a random character’s kid and have the agents profile them.

Mindhunter season two was brilliantly written, superbly acted, and shot beautifully. I hope it doesn’t take David Fincher two more years to make season three.


I hope next season they talk to Bundy, Dahmer, Wuornos, Gacy & Ramirez.


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