Eight questions that ‘Euphoria’ season two will hopefully answer

It has been just about two weeks since Euphoria had its season one finale and I still feel empty without it. Euphoria was by far my favorite show of the year so far and I could not get enough. The finale was really good, but it left a lot of questions unanswered. Here are eight questions that hopefully, season two will answer.

  • Did Rue overdose and die?

In the final 10 minutes, Rue did a song and dance which went away from the heavy nature of the show. This also happened after her new best friend and crush just left her to go to a new city. It seems like she relapsed because of this. In the final minutes of the show, she hugged her dead father and fell into a pit of bodies. This could just be a hallucination or maybe she did indeed OD and die. One other idea is that Rue’s mother was actually speaking at her funeral instead at Rue’s NA meeting.

  • Is Jules gone forever?

In the episode before the finale, Jules went to the city and met up with her friend TC. Jules and TC then get high and go to a club where Jules meets a girl named Anna and hooks up with her. It seems like this trip truly made Jules happy. When Jules comes back and tells Rue, Rue asks “if she loves Anna.” Jules says, “she does but loves Rue too.” Rue comes up with the idea they should run away but last-minute, Rue backs out leaving Jules on the train alone to go back to Anna. Will Jules come back and reunite with Rue? Will Jules stay in the city and be happy with people who are like-minded? How will this impact Rue?

  • What will Maddy do with the DVD of Nate’s Dad?

Maddy had a rough first season. She had an on-again, off-again toxic relationship with Nate several times throughout the season. Most of her friends know the situation but kept saying they will always end up together. In the finale, she tells Nate that they are not good for each other and Nate’s dad tells Maddy that “their relationship is not sustainable, and they should let each other go.” Right before that interaction with Nate’s dad, she took the DVD that Nate was holding onto of Nate’s dad hooking up with Jules. Will Maddy blackmail the dad? Will Maddy blackmail Nate? Will Maddy destroy the whole family? Will Maddy blackmail Jules?

  • What will happen to Fezco?

Fezco was not in a good situation when we last left him. Fezco breaks into the house of Mouse’s supplier and robs him in order to pay off a debt to Mouse. Mouse seems to know what he did because he saw some blood on the money. Mouse had his gun out and loaded, leaving us to believe he intends on killing Fezco. What will come of this mess? Will Fezco survive?

  • Where did Nate’s outburst come from? Will he come after Rue?

One of the toughest scenes to watch during the finale was the confrontation of Nate and his dad. Nate’s dad told him he lost control of the football team which made Nate stand face-to-face with his dad. Nate tried to headbutt his dad but quickly got taken down and controlled on the floor. This caused Nate to absolutely lose his mind. He started screaming, banging his head on the floor, and punching and kicking the walls. Later on in the night, Rue confronts Nate about him calling the cops on Fezco. She then tells him that “if he doesn’t leave Jules and Fezco alone, she will ruin his life by telling the police about his dad.” Nate counters her by telling her “she loves someone (Jules) who won’t remember her in 10 years.” Will Nate start to find a way to mess with Rue? Has Nate had outbursts like that before? Did his dad molest him? Is Nate gay? Does he have another brother? (In a picture at his house there are three boys)

  • Will Cassie and McKay get back together, and will her abortion cause her more emotional trauma?

In the finale, Cassie terminates her pregnancy and reveals that McKay and she are broken up. The on-again, off-again relationships with certain characters are prevalent throughout the show. Will Cassie fall into the relationship cycle? Will the fact that she terminated the baby because of McKay come back and strike up emotion?

  • Will Kat and Ethan stay together?

Kat finally approaches Ethan in the finale and tells him she was hurt because he was flirting with another girl earlier in the season. They rekindle their relationship and kiss. Will Kat drop her creepy webcam guy for Ethan? Will she continue to make money off the webcam guy? Is the webcam guy a character we already know?

  • Will Lexi tell Rue she has feelings for her?

Euphoria has not mentioned this but throughout the season there were some possible romantic vibes going on between Lexi and Rue. In the finale, Lexi asks Cassie, “how do you know who you want to hook up with?” Cassie tells her “they usually come to her.” Lexi says, “they don’t do that to her” and Cassie responds, “then go and do whoever you want.” Lexi says, “she’s going to do that.” This scene happens as Rue walks by the table. Does Lexi have a crush on Rue? Will she tell her?

As you can see, the first season of Euphoria left many questions to be answered. The worst part of it is, the show doesn’t come back until late 2020 or 2021. Until then, we must rewatch the brilliance of season one and watch for news to come out for season two.

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