Holy Shit, UFC 239 delivered.


UFC 239 lived up to the hype. The main card was off the hook with three spectacular knockouts.

The main card started off with the legend Diego Sanchez taking on Michael Chiesa. Chiesa dominated Sanchez and continues to look impressive at Welterweight.

Next, Jan Blachowicz took on Luke Rockhold in his light heavyweight division debut. Rockhold got knocked out in the second round in a stunning fashion. Everyone thought the light heavyweight division was going to be Rockhold’s division to eat up, but he was denied. In all honesty, Rockhold needs to humble himself and not overlook his opponents. He did that against Michael Bisping and lost his title.

Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren fought next and it left me screaming at the TV in excitement. I, like every other MMA fan thought Askren was going to use his funky wrestling to beat Masividal in a decision. Well, I was wrong. Masividal knocked him out in five seconds with a flying knee. The new fastest knockout in UFC history. I have been watching MMA for a long time and that knockout was the most epic I have ever seen. This will be knockout of the year. Find it on the internet and watch it.

Next, double champion Amanda Nunez fought Holy Holm. Holm looked really good early on and then Nunez caught her with a high kick and finished her via TKO. I don’t know who is going to beat her or who she should fight next but man, Nunez is impressive. Nunez wanted to finish Holm the same way that Holm finishes her opponents, crazy.

Finally, Jon Jones fought Thiago Santos in the main event. While it wasn’t an epic five round fight, it turned out to be a chess match. Santos is a scary fighter, every punch he throws is vicious. Jones got clipped a few times but stayed safe and kept chipping away. Santos appeared to tear something in his knee early in the second round which limited his movement. A fully healthy Santos could have made the fight even better.

UFC 239 is was epic. Every July the UFC stacks the fight card sometimes it lives up to the hype, sometimes it doesn’t. UFC 239 lived up to the hype and more.

I went 3/5 with my predictions.

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