Yesterday review

Can you imagine a world without The Beatles? Danny Boyle shows us.

Seeing the trailer for Yesterday last year instantly grabbed my attention. Being a huge Beatles fan, I was going to see this movie as soon as it came out.

Yesterday is a fun time with a few flaws. Danny Boyle does a really good job directing this movie. Boyle is known for heavy movies and this felt like a nice departure.

First and foremost, Yesterday is very funny. It’s honestly a more of a comedy than a music drama. There are some scenes in the movie that are gut busting. The comedy is very clever and witty at points as well.

The acting in the movie is good. Himesh Patel plays a down of his luck musician, Jack Malik, and I instantly was rooting for him. Throughout the movie, you can understand his motives and feel his joy and pain. Lily James is fantastic as always. She is another character who you are rooting for. Ed Sheeran is very pleasant surprise. He knows how to poke fun at himself and plays along. There is a certain scene with Sheeran and a ringtone that had me rolling.

The romantic angle is very believable, and I was again rooting for both main characters to fall in love. The movie milks the relationship a little too long with the “will they or won’t they”.

The cinematography is beautiful during most of the movie. The sound design is good as well.

The music in the movie is also a big positive. Most people will be going to see this because of the music and their love for The Beatles. Patel plays most of the big songs, but he does leave some out. I loved the aspect where he cannot remember the lyrics to the songs which is very believable.

The worst part of the movie is Kate McKinnon. I have no idea what Boyle was thinking casting her. She was acting as if she was in another movie or doing a sketch on Saturday Night Live. McKinnon literally ruined the movie for me. I got really annoyed whenever she was on screen. The blame isn’t fully on her, some of the blame must be on Boyle for telling her to act the way she does.

The rest of the flaws of the movie have to do with spoilers which I’ll talk about down below.

Overall, Yesterday is a very enjoyable movie. It could have been GREAT but there are things that hold it back. Beatles fans will really appreciate this movie. I would recommend seeing the movie but maybe see it on a discount day or a matinee. It deserves to be seen but not worth the full price of admission.





I really wish they would have explained what happened to The Beatles. They leave it open ended but personally I wish they could have given a 30 second explanation. It doesn’t ruin the movie its just more of a gripe.

The scene with John Lennon was cool but it didn’t make sense. When you first see him, it looks like Lennon but when they sit down, you can clearly see its some random guy with no CGI. It also raises other questions. Paul, Ringo, and George never existed but John did?

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