The Beach Bum review

The Beach Bum is a movie where people will either love it or hate it, just like most of Harmony Korine’s movies. I fall into the hate category, unfortunately.

Korine is a talented director with something to say. The closest movie of his to compare The Beach Bum to is Spring Breakers, obviously. The over the top characters, bright neon colors, drugs, and beautiful women it feels like a successor to Spring Breakers. I love Spring Breakers but again it’s another of his movies that people love or hate.

I feel like Korine got stoned one night and said let’s do Spring Breakers 2 but with a hippy bum and more boobs, oh and let’s cast Snoop Dog.

There are some positives to the The Beach Bum. It is a very beautiful movie. The cinematography is great and the colors in the movie really pop. It’s the same trick he did in Spring Breakers and it works.

The acting for the most part is okay. Matthew McConaughey is great and shines as a free livin’ stoner-drunk, Moondog. The problem for me is that I couldn’t care less about him. He is a douche that only cares for himself and is just unlikable. Zac Efron continues to shine in these over the top roles. Martin Lawrence steals every scene he is in as Captain Wack, the best dolphin tour guide. He is funny and reminds the audience he was one of the funniest people alive at one point.

The main problem of The Beach Bum for me is the story and script. There was no point to the story. It is all over the place. The movie wants to be a huge party except no one ended up going except a bunch of stupid characters that did the same thing over and over and over again. Moondog gets drunk, wants to be a poet, talks to over the top characters, gets drunk and stoned, wakes up, wants to be a poet, rinse and repeat.

Korine swung for the fences and hit a ground ball. I really wanted to love movie. I was playing on my phone because I was bored watching it. It took Korine six years to make this which makes me wonder, what the hell took him so long? I’m pretty sure he came up with the story and script in two days.

The Beach Bum is a movie that you’re going to have to watch and come up with your own opinion. I wouldn’t say skip it because you might enjoy it. I will just say, I wasted two hours of my time. I hope Korine doesn’t take another six years to make another movie.


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