God of War(2018) review

Please excuse me, I am a year and two months late on this review. I was caught up in the Fortnite and Apex Legends hype and played those every day for a year. The God of War franchise is in my top 3 of favorite video game franchises of all time. I have played every single game on the day it was released, so I’m still a little mad at myself I waited so long to play the new installment.

I remember watching the E3 trailer and game play live at home and I was so excited to see Kratos explore the Norse mythology. The game eventually came out and I saw all the reactions. Everyone gave it five stars and said it was the best of the franchise, so this added to my excitement.

I played the game, beating it in three days. I didn’t know how I felt about it. I needed a few days to gather my thoughts and watch a few spoiler reviews and game play reviews to see other people thoughts.

God of War is a beautiful game and I enjoyed it very much. It wasn’t a bad game in any sense, I guess my own expectations got to me. It is a very quiet intimate game about family. It reminded me very much of the movie Logan.

I enjoyed the addition of Atreus for the most part. He got a little annoying at some points but I’m guessing that’s the point. I am glad he wasn’t a playable character and the focus was still on Kratos.

The gameplay was clean like previous entries, the leveling up of the weapons is very nicely done and I made want to explore to make them stronger. The puzzles were challenging, and I had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out. I’m not going to lie, this is a great game and it deserved 2018 game of the year. There is not a lot to critique.

My biggest gripe was the fact that I didn’t fight any Gods of Norse mythology. (I should say I didn’t fight any Gods that I wanted to fight) There was a tease at the end of the game to entice a sequel but that’s it. There was no Thor to fight or Loki or Odin or Heimdall or Hel or Fenrir. I wanted to kill Odin or Thor. It is was what I had come to know of the God of War series. In the first game of the series, you have to fight and kill Aries. I did not care about the main villain Baldur. His character design was cool, but he wasn’t a character that I was excited to see. I blame this on my expectations of the game. As soon as the game was announced, I was set on killing Thor and Odin.

All that set aside, I really enjoyed God of War and I would fully recommend the game to anyone. It is fun and challenging with an immersive story. I will just have to wait probably five more years for the sequel to kill Thor, poor me.


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