SAFE – STAY album review

Toronto has some of the best up and coming R&B artists in the world.

I first found out about SAFE by searching on a music forum if there were any R&B artists similar to The Weeknd. I found a thread full of Toronto artists and the one that caught my ear was SAFE. I searched and searched the internet to find anything by him and found just a few songs and an EP that was released in 2015. I fell in love with his voice and his style. Over the past year and a half, I have been playing No Diamonds on repeat.

There wasn’t a lot of information on SAFE except a few bios and that OVO co-signed him a few times. He started tweeting that a full project was in the works and I was super stoked. SAFE then started popping up on features. Finally, the day came where SAFE’s full-length debut album STAY dropped.

I must say this project is very nice. I have listened to it probably 30 times all the way through to make sure I had a valid opinion. Of the 12 tracks, every single one is listenable, and I don’t skip any of them. If I HAD to nitpick a couple of the tracks I don’t care for as much, they would be Wasteland, On My Own, and Paid in Full (only because I’m not a huge Playboi Carti fan, SAFE is fire on the track) As I said though, they aren’t bad tracks at all.

I’ve seen a few statements saying that SAFE is a mix between The Weeknd and Drake. I kind of agree with that but honestly, I feel like SAFE is his own artist and in his own lane.

His voice is very soothing and for R&B I feel like that is a must. His music can be sexy, or you could bump in your car. His lyrics are good too.

My stand out tracks are:  Control (which has a very catchy chorus), Red Light (straight banger), Old Wayz (solid opener), Summers End 2 (super smooth), Piano (eerie Weeknd vibes, just dope) & R U Scared (smooth af)

The production is fantastic and is ear candy.

It is only a matter of time until SAFE is a superstar and is going to be featured on all sorts of songs. He is super talented and I cannot wait to see what he does next and how high he flies.

You can find him on Twitter.

You can also buy his album or stream it on his website.

My Track ratings:

  1. Old Wayz (Ft. QUIN) 5/5
  2. No Rush 5/5 –
  3. On My Own 3/5-
  4. Control 5/5 –
  5. Red Light 5/5
  6. Wasteland 3/5
  7. Damaged 4/5
  8. Summer’s End 2 5/5
  9. Piano 5/5
  10. Nobody Cares 4/5
  11. R U Scared Pt. 2 4/5
  12. Paid in Full (Ft. Playboi Carti) 3/5

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