Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll, & Shopping. Rocketman Review.

Dexter Fletcher, the director who came in and finished Bohemian Rhapsody after director Bryan Singer was fired, delivers on Rocketman.

Music biopics when done right can be some of the best movies one can watch. Rocketman will go down as one of the bests for sure.  Most people will compare Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody because of the release dates but they are truly incomparable.

Sir Elton Hercules John is an icon and personally I did not know if anyone could portray him on screen. Well, Taron Egerton knocks it out of the park. Fun fact, Tom Hardy was originally cast as Elton John but dropped out after the movie was shelved.

Taron Egerton gets lost in the role and steals the show. It truly is a magical and magnificent performance. Egerton is not doing an impression, he is Elton John. I was kind of worried about the film not using Elton’s actual music and the actors singing but Egerton again, knocks it out of the park. He can sing and sing very well.

As for the acting, Egerton goes all out in his performance. You feel his highs and you feel his lows. The film paints a picture where someone can have all the money in the world and still be depressed. It can be hard to feel any compassion about a rock star that has it all, but Egerton makes the audience feel his pain.

The supporting cast was very good as well. The standouts are the following. Jaime Bell as Elton’s best friend and partner Bernie Taupin gives a loving performance. Bryce Dallas Howard does a good British accent and her performance as Elton’s mother makes you love her and hate her. Richard Madden as John Reid, one of his managers gives a performance like Howard where you love him and then hate him. There is not one supporting actor that gives a bad performance.

The story is really put together well. The film could very well be described as a musical biopic meaning a heavy scene will be happening and the cast will break out into a song and dance. Rocketman is very similar to Across the Universe, which is plus in my eyes. The way the filmmakers weaved Elton John’s music throughout the movie is truly fantastic. It makes the movie standout and not just a concert movie like other music biopics before it.

The cinematography is stunning. Some of the shots are literal eye candy.

The thing about the film that I appreciate the most is the fact that it does not shy away from Elton’s personal life. You get to see the sex, the drugs, the shopping, the depression, the backstabbing, the toxicity, the family drama. Some biopics try to paint the artist as an angel and try to ignore the “bad” stuff. Rocketman does not shy away.

Rocketman is a must see. I would definitely see it in a theater.


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