Glass Review

Before I start this review, I must talk about my like-hate relationship of M. Night Shyamalan. There is no doubt he started out super-hot. His first three movies are brilliant cinema then he took a nose dive. When he went back to basics in 2015 with The Visit, he gave people hope he can direct a good movie again. Split was his next movie and once again he blew people away. The one thing that is unforgivable and will always having me question him is The Last Airbender. Shyamalan messed up that movie franchise so bad and like I said even if he makes 15 academy award winning movies, I will always be skeptical about him. With all that being said, I was pretty excited about Glass.

Glass had a lot to live up to because Split was such a brilliant movie and set up so much. Shyamalan brought it with the cinematography. Some of the shots were very clever. The upside-down shots of the characters were very cool, and the shots where he would slide the camera was eye candy. The use of the color was cool too. I loved how he made purple represent Mr. Glass and villains and green represent David Dunn.

The story and script were okay. The movie started off a few weeks after Split and we very quickly meet back up with Kevin Crumble. I thought the pacing was very slow at times and I’m not sure if that was the point. When the movie would check in with the characters, I felt like it was a bit messy but watchable. I will stray away from spoilers until the end of this. I was looking for the twist as soon as the movie started, and I thought for the most part he pulled it off, but the ending did not land for me.

The best part of this movie by far is the acting performances. James McAvoy once again shines. He is incredible when he switches characters. He can go from playing a nine-year-old, to a British woman, to a southern guy, to a cocky guy seamlessly. When he turns into the beast, it is so fun to watch him looked yoked and do amazing stunts. McAvoy also brings emotion to his performance which was refreshing. Samuel L. Jackson is back as Mr. Glass and is brilliant as always. It’s nothing mind blowing but it is fun to see him play a vulnerable genius. Bruce Willis once again sleep walks through his performance. He shows no emotion but it’s still cool to see Bruce Willis as David Dunn again. Newcomer to the franchise Sarah Paulson is awesome like always. She has layers and is very believable. I enjoyed how Shyamalan brought back the actors from Unbreakable, little stuff like that is always a plus.

Glass was a very well-acted movie with some awesome action and even some creepy moments. If you have not seen Unbreakable, or Split they are a must watch before seeing this. I don’t think Shyamalan knocked this out of the park, but he did an okay job.


Let talk about that ending. I do appreciate the twist that Sarah Paulson’s character was trying to get rid of the superheroes and super villains. It reminded me of countless X-Men comic story arcs. The fact that Shyamalan killed all three characters with their weaknesses was bold. I just thought the ending landed bad. The footage got out to the news, and now everyone knows heroes and villains exist. That’s it? It really may be that I had expectations that more heroes were going to show up but that may not be the point.


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